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Mark Wright

03 April 2023

TaylorMade Stealth 2 drivers
TaylorMade Stealth 2 Drivers

Whacking a driver down the centre of the fairway is just about one of the best feelings in golf. There’s nothing like going to pick up your tee knowing that you’ve hit your Sunday best and received the plaudits from your playing partners.

One of the reasons we’re able to pull off such cracking shots is because of the technology packed into these clubs – as well as our unwavering natural ability! – that is getting honed and enhanced with each generation that passes.

Broadly speaking, drivers are made of three components: the grip, shaft, and clubhead. We’re all too familiar with how our favourite driver feels and performs, but have you ever wondered how the inner workings of the club help us achieve the results we’re after? Please read on as we dissect the latest TaylorMade drivers to give you this wonderful insight.


The range

First of all, there are three drivers in the Stealth 2 range. You may not know anything about them at a glance but they’re all distinctly different. Included in the range are the Stealth 2, the Stealth 2 Plus, and the Stealth 2 HD.

The Stealth 2 driver is the standard club in the range that the majority of golfers would find a real asset to their game. This driver has been designed to maintain ball speed on off-centre strikes and increase forgiveness. There’s more carbon that titanium in the driver to save and reposition weight to enhance shot performance.

As so much weight has been saved through using carbon, TaylorMade has given the Stealth 2 Plus driver a sliding weight track so you can select whether you want to hit with a draw or fade bias, making this an incredibly versatile and unique driving experience!

The Stealth 2 HD driver is a draw biased model and the most forgiving club in the range. The clubhead is much lighter than the original Stealth driver and has a larger sweet spot to help boost your performance.


The face

The face is naturally the part of the driver that makes contact with the ball. It’s important you make the best contact possible so TaylorMade has built on the original carbon twist face to offer an advanced version, a red 60X Carbon Twist Face which gives an optimal energy transfer from the club to the ball.

You'll be able to make out the hexagonal pattern on the face, this Nanotexture cover helps fine-tune launch and spin so your ball travels further down the fairway. The face is 2g lighter than the original Stealth face and has an expanded COR area for a larger sweet spot across the entire face.

COR stands for “Coefficient of Restitution” and is defined as the measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide. Essentially, the higher the COR, the further the distance an object travels. So, the expanded high COR area on the clubface will help you get more distance on your drives.


The body

The Stealth 2 range is incredibly aerodynamic. The head shape aids in swing speed generation on the downswing to help you hit the ball far. The inertia generator at the back of the club is outfitted with a 25g weight to give you a high MOI and increased forgiveness.

MOI means ‘moment of inertia.’ This is basically a measurement of how much resistance the club has to rotating at the moment of impact. If you had a low MOI, your club face would be prone to hitting the ball with the clubface more open or closed, and the more likely you’d be to hitting a ball offline. Therefore, the club having a high MOI means it has lots of resistance to twisting on impact.

TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket behind the face has been engineered to accentuate impact for superior ball speeds, and to offer forgiveness on low-face strikes. All in all, TaylorMade has done what they do best with the Stealth 2 drivers, make incredible driving machines that will keep you on the fairway and lower your scores.


It can only help your game to have better a better knowledge of how your club’s work. But while it’s great to know the theory, we all know that practice makes perfect. You can always contact us if you’d like to book in a lesson to help you get better at your game.

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