Will Cleveland's new irons help your game?

Mark Wright

05 February 2024


We love hearing all about the latest golf irons that are coming out and will soon be on the shelves and ready to have a go with. We’ve been speaking with Cleveland for a while now, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to spill the beans on their new Launcher XL2 irons!

We appreciate that there is a lot of jargon and strange words that crop up when you’re researching golf clubs, so today we want to simplify some of these terms and give you an understanding of how they help the performance of your golf iron.

Simply put: will the Cleveland Launcher XL2 iron help your game?


The laser-milled face


Cleveland has equipped their latest irons with shedloads of intricate tech that all contributes to bettering your golf performance. Each iron has been laser-milled to give the clubface more roughness and friction when you strike the ball. This process has been optimised for more distance in your long irons and more control in the shorter clubs. Perfect!

The longer irons feature a MainFrame on the backside of the iron; this section is a system of cavities that have been milled to give the clubhead better flex at impact. This flexing allows for a better transfer of energy from the club to the ball for more distance. Essentially, each section of the club, from the front to the back, has been carefully designed to help you.


The forgiving weighting


A big aspect of a golf iron that often goes overlooked is how it feels and how it weighs. The better a golf club feels to you, the more you’ll enjoy holding it and the more confident you’ll be when committing to your shot.

Cleveland has given the Launcher XL2 a bigger head over previous models. This has allowed them to redistribute mass away from the centre of the club to boost MOI. The greater the moment of inertia the clubhead has, the less likely it is to twist on impact with the ball. Giving you some very accurate strikes.

Take a look at the image above for a moment...

Do you spot anything unusual for an iron? 

Upon inspection of the face, you'll notice these irons boast grooves across the entire face! This is something Cleveland introduced in their Full Face wedges a few years ago, but adding them to these Launcher XL2 irons ensures better performance on those toe-strikes.


Ideal centre of gravity


The shorter irons and wedges in the set will really help you pop the ball in the air with ease to escape bunkers and fly over hazards. These irons have Cleveland’s ZipCore tech that sets the center of gravity at the ideal place in the club, giving you a consistent feel and performance each time you’re hitting onto the green.


Cleveland's Launcher XL2 Irons

ZipCore sets the CG right where you strike the ball

Cleveland Golf

Now that we’ve taken a look at how the tech in the clubs will help you gain the edge when you’re out on the golf course, we’d like to take a closer look at all the irons available in the range.

As we’ve covered throughout this article, the Launcher XL2 irons are packed with features to help you better your game and get your handicap down. From the careful laser-milling to the well-weighted head and shaft, you’re in for a good time when you head to the course with these in your bag.

If you’re thinking of adding new golf irons to your bag ahead of the golfing season, we’d be more than happy to walk you through what we have in stock in the pro shop.

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